Welcome to Lafox's World

Welcome to Lafox's World

Hello there! We are Lafox-es, and we created this place to tell you our stories.

We travel a lot, we play music, we created a world of Darwin's Cat.

In one our life we are software engineers, and we can tell a lot about that. In other life, we write stories about cat's civilisation. One of that civilised cats, Loki, lives with us and, oh boy, he has also what to say!

In the middle of that lives, we are strong supporters of science, reason, scientific method, technologies as human future and free minded civilisation.

So here we go: be prepared to listen / read / watch / consume /hate /share our stories.

And welcome to our World!

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Alice Lafox

Software engineer with passion to science, photography, music and technologies

Oleg Tsymaenko

Software engineer, bass player, sound engineer, philosopher and cool guy