Darwin's Cat - Cat’s Evolution

Darwin's Cat - Cat’s Evolution

A tale about Cat’s Evolution from Darwin’s Cat’s point of view
There were no time, there were no space, And no Cats before
Empty voids, populated by quarks, were pointless to explore
Then came on Earth amoebas simple and small
They’ve already had sex, but world was boring without Cats

Then fish came to the Earth, slimy and cold
Fish has grown legs and quickly became a frog
Their scale led to the lizards and then dinosaurs
But they were all dumb and world still was boring without Cats

Unicorns, birds and cows, Finally primates and Cats!
But no one was there to feed super Cats, so Cats domesticated Apes
And now someone could work for the Cats, could pray for the Cats
Now world is fascinating enough to live and to be explored by Cats