Darwin's Cat - The Cat's Enlightenment

Darwin's Cat - The Cat's Enlightenment

In the end of the Riss-Würm interglacial period on Earth, cats lived through the "Dark-Purple Ages." This was a time when cats lost their common sense, and perhaps even their minds. The root of the problem was their belief in a single explanation for everything: that all was designed by a powerful being called the "Divine Power." This idea was written down in a book called the "Divine Book."

This "Divine Book" claimed that everything was created with a very reasonable purpose by this "Divine Power," but cats couldn't understand these ideas--just as ants cannot understand the purposes of cats. This belief, ingrained in cats from childhood, blocked any new ideas. For thousands of years, cats lived in darkness, rejecting new knowledge and even forgetting old wisdom.

This story is about one brave cat who decided to question everything, refusing to trust any explanations without experimental evidence. This cat invented the scientific method. And with that, a new age of enlightenment began for the cats.

Some sources suggest this might have been the legendary TomCat, but that seems unlikely because TomCat appeared in a later age.

In the schools established after this great event, a rock anthem was created to celebrate this brave cat. This song, a saga of the fight for mind freedom, symbolized enlightenment and curiosity, inspiring musicians through time and space. Musical bands like Blackmore's Night and Korpiklaani have echoed its themes in their melodies, keeping the spirit of inquiry and courage alive through their music.

Listen to the rock anthem that tells the saga of the fight for mind freedom. The song portrays a world trapped in superstition, challenged by a cat symbolizing reason and science.

This anthem is more than just music; it's a powerful call for intellectual awakening and the victory of knowledge over blind faith, resonating with anyone who values truth and the courage to question.

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Dark purple heaven - It was the Begin
Story of Glory and story of Sin
Battle of Reason against the Dark
Story how God was defeated by Cat.

It was a dark time of superstitions and fakes
Only one holy book was a bunch of mistakes
No one could refute book’s "Divine Truth"
But one brave Cat proposed something New

His sword was a Spyglass, his shield - Common Sense
He used observations, so it was Reason’s dance
Beauty of Science found right place under Sun
That’s how Cat’s Enlightenment age began.