Darwin's Cat - The Cat's Enlightenment

Darwin's Cat - The Cat's Enlightenment

Listen to the rock anthem that tells the saga of the fight for mind freedom. The song portrays a world trapped in superstition, challenged by a cat symbolizing reason and science.

With tools like a spyglass and common sense, the cat battles to replace old myths with the beauty of scientific understanding. This track is more than just music; it's a powerful call for intellectual awakening and the victory of knowledge over blind faith, resonating with anyone who values truth and the courage to question.

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Dark purple heaven - It was the Begin
Story of Glory and story of Sin
Battle of Reason against the Dark
Story how God was defeated by Cat.

It was a dark time of superstitions and fakes
Only one holy book was a bunch of mistakes
No one could refute book’s "Divine Truth"
But one brave Cat proposed something New

His sword was a Spyglass, his shield - Common Sense
He used observations, so it was Reason’s dance
Beauty of Science found right place under Sun
That’s how Cat’s Enlightenment age began.