Darwin's Cat - Cat's Hard Day

Darwin's Cat - Cat's Hard Day

Long ago, when Earth’s Riss-Würm interglacial period came to an end, the cats left the planet to explore and colonize the galaxy. They built many peace-loving civilizations, always aiming to spread harmony and wisdom. The cats took Apes and Dolphins on their journey from Earth, helping these two species reach new heights of culture and technology.

However, not all cats were content with peace and prosperity. A faction of these cats, influenced by the Apes’ ancient notions of power and dominance, began to see themselves as superior beings destined to rule.

Among these cats was one particularly ambitious and ruthless individual. This cat, blinded by delusions of grandeur, saw the Apes not as equals or friends, but as tools to be used. He enslaved them, forcing them to build magnificent structures and vast armies to solidify his rule. His empire was a dark blot on the otherwise peaceful cat civilizations, a place where oppression and tyranny reigned.

This song is a way to show the disgrace of this era in the history of the cat race. Born in the darkness of terrible times, it led to the creation of a new music style--"Doom Metal." This song has inspired many famous musicians through time and space, including "Black Sabbath" and "My Dying Bride." Now you can enjoy the original.

Hey my human, come to me
Bring me my milk-beer and bring me milk-tea
Do it quickly while I’m not awake
I’m cyberCat and I can’t wait

Pet my back and scratch my ear
It’s your duty and that’s why you here
check it out my paws, aren't they cute?
Scratch my nice belly or you will be executed

Morning too short, time to go work,
I have my own duty, I’m not a jerk clerk
I need to get a nap and coordinate my fleet
Bring me my pillow and bring my fresh milk

My nap is done. My fleet is fine. My command bridge shines.
It's a work of my brain. I need a little training. Why’re you frozen and waving?
I’m starting to hunt for your slippers.
I'm starting to hunt for all believers. Yeah.

Slippers were caught, believers not yet, time to go bed
Bring me whiskas-cola and charge my gadget
Scratch my cool belly and scratch my nice back
And do not disturb me until I awake