Darwin's Cat - Deep Space is My Home

Darwin's Cat - Deep Space is My Home

Life History of Tomcat, the Founder of Cyber Cat’s Civilization, is a real magnum opus!

Darwin's Cat is publishing a new piece of Tomcat's history. It is the Song, written by Tomcat himself, during the "Age of Discovery".

It is well known that Tomcat's songs have been inspiring many musicians through time and space, such as Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. Now the original is available to everyone!

Listen, enjoy, like and share the links:
Deep Space is my home, 38 chromosomes,
100 billion neurons, plus in my blood are nano robots.
I’m a simple space cat, my name is Tomcat
I’m half-automatic, and my life is a magnum opus

Planets in space, populated by thousands of races
Cat races and Ape races, and even together…
Even dolphins have home, a nice zero gravity home,
cozy and safe orbits home, designed forever

Space and darkness ahead, behind the stars' tiny LEDs
New knowledge or dread, who can resist deep space calling?
I‘m moving to my goal, around a double black hole
Via Dolphin Patrol, to new stars my ship is crawling

This is the only way for me, in the vast galaxy sea
Only way to be free, in this nice Universe
And every my act, it’s my tool, my parallax
To see the Universe in facts, as cosmical dance

Start self-checkup, optimistic setup
milky-tea cup, Who’s my contender?
quick brain warm-up, my mind’s clean-up
never give up, never surrender

Galaxy light, my life is a fight.
Like a striped knight, knowledge defender.
My ship is bright, in perpetual flight.
A mote in the night, an everywhere outlander.

I’m playing hard rock at the third cargo dock
Every day at five o‘clock just because it’s amazing
no one can hear, nearest planet’s away in light year
Deep space clean and clear

Deep Space is my home, my life a permanent roam
Billions of stars are my dome, now and forever.
My spaceship’s in the stream, exactly like in my dream
Me and my ship, we’re a team, roaming together.

Deep Space is my home..
Deep Space is my home…
Deep Space is my home…
Deep Space is my home…