Darwin's Cat - How Cat's Civilisation Borns

Darwin's Cat - How Cat's Civilisation Borns

A Brief story about how Cat's Civilisation borns and then spreads across the Stars.
Long time ago, when cats still lived in trees
When cats didn't use implants yet and Humans didn’t appear
When cats didn’t live in space yet and made coffee from beans
When cats played with mice and didn't play with genes.

With genes-genes-genes,
 genes-genes-genes, yet

At that wild time there lived a cat, named as Tomcat
Tomcat believed in reason force, and wore a cowboy’s hat
World of Cats was half in ice, and cats needed more place
Tomcat invented space engine and gave cats keys from space

Keys from space-space-space
space-space-space yet

Cats have quickly spread in the cosmos and they populated space
Almost every moon and planet, and asteroid belts
Cats have built space stations and even Dyson swarm
And its was a short story how Cat's Civilisation borns

Civilisation borns-borns-borns
Borns-borns-borns, yeah