Darwin's Cat - Mystical Tales

Darwin's Cat - Mystical Tales

Life History of Tomcat, the Founder of Cyber Cat’s Civilization, is a real magnum opus!

Darwin's Cat discovered a new script that sheds light on the Tomcat's history: the Song, written by very young Tomcat himself, during the "Age of Seeker at the Threshold". We believe that this opus is one of the first songs of Tomcat.

Song contains both: the dream about space and conflict of young brainiac with not flexible society. The song was written before the actual start of Tomcat’s journey and mirroring Tomcat’s dreams.

It is well known that Tomcat's songs through time and space have inspired many musicians to create hits like: “Space Oddity” and “Starman” by David Bowie, “Rocket man” by Elton John and even “Supper Massive Black Hole” by Muse.

Now the original is available to everyone!

Listen, enjoy, like and share the links:

In the world of the mystical tales
In the midst of darkness, you stand,
And here you’re usually happy,
Yet bound by society’s demand.

I was in doubt whether I should fly
From happy here to stars, to the unknown,
Above my head magnetic, deep, blue sky,
I had no choice, I flew away, my home is thrown

My engine warps the space and warps the time
It is my way in life to be a space roamer
I go ahead, for me it’s prime.
It is my space, and I am the deep space owner.

Like a brave little hobbit,
I left my nice cozy hole
So, Universe, I’m going to grok it
Because my life is under my control

So I’m in the middle of the space odyssey,
I can see never seen before,
Endless space, lands and seas
In front of me like an open door..