Darwin's Cat - Cat's Winged Bike

Darwin's Cat - Cat's Winged Bike

This is the story about how Cats got Wings
From very start Cats like live on the trees and Baobabs
On Eucalyptus, Olives, Pines and even on Oaks
Cats lived on trees, and everybody knows that’s why,
From very start every Cat dreamed how to fly

Cats tried fly in dreams, but it still only dreams
And LSD propelled tours conflict with the transfer genes
Cats made winged robo-birds that raised a light breeze
But robo-birds stayed laying on Earth and Cats still used trees

Sitting on the tree, thinking about the skies
Waiting for the day when skies will be so close
Playing with the birds, dreaming very deep
Meeting morning sun and going on to sleep

And then came a biker Cat with shiny name Tomcat
He had a dream to fly a bike and he had a good comrade
They already had a motorbike with strongest metal wheels
They had a strong enough engine to ride by fields and hills

Cat Tomcat and his comrade, they had barrel of milk-brew
They mounted static wings to bike and woody airscrew
Tomcat wore black helmet and got on a winged-bike
He flew just 50 meters but it was the first air ride

Flying over world, skies are very close
I don’t scare at all, my tail is almost froze
My heart is beating fast, my bike is riding high
All thoughts became so clear, My lovely Earth goodbye!