Darwin's Cat - Cat's Mantra

Darwin's Cat - Cat's Mantra

At the dawn of the "Age of Spreading," dozens of brave cats left Earth and ventured into the vast, unknown reaches of Space. The most famous hero of this era was Tomcat. He is credited with creating the "Anthem of Galactic Explorers", also known as the "Cat's Mantra."

This anthem was a declaration of the ethical principles and values of the first explorers of the Galaxy. Some believe that the "Cat's Mantra" was an attempt to create a cats' religion. However, this is not true, as the first Believers appeared thousands of years later on newly populated planets, with a completely different set of values.

However, it is known that the anthem(or mantra), through space and time, influenced the musical themes of hippie musicians like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin in the 20th century, as well as the ethical views of Enlightenment-era humanist scientists such as Voltaire and Rousseau in 18th century.

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We Believe in Reason
and the Common Sense
They’re Cat’s Prerequisites
to live in Universe

We’re looking for new knowledges
and beings who need help
We spread our wisdom everywhere
And trying to prevent regress

Space and time, unlimited
Like our thirst to know
We cross the space in spaceships
And looking for the truth

Wonders of the strange worlds
call us to think clearly
And leave at home stupidity,
laziness and fear