Darwin's Cat - Fifth Dimension

Darwin's Cat - Fifth Dimension

A story about interstellar cat's love! Listen, enjoy, like us and Share the links: Here is the text of the song:

Standing at her door
Today as day before
Afraid to go indoor
Question - wherefore

My home is crazy, just exact like me
Her door is far away from here, I'm having a cup of tea
I can send her a message, by our secret net
I can't wait till morning, so I could send my bat

Another sunrise,
Staring to her snake eyes
She's a Monticore,
Don't fear anymore

She has been modified, her tail, her paws, her face
Natural tree cat am I, but she's from other race
No chance to be together, so fate has rolled the dice
I'm on my way to cosmos, it's wise

We warp the space, warp fabric of the space
Arrived to place, on the planet we build base
City and the base, we found perfect place,
Place to build new home, sweet home for our race.

So Sun rotates, rotates in any case
Vast glaces on the Earth pushed cats to outer space
Warped space, cats on secret base
But alien cat's sent back the bat and found his embrace

Love it is not just a memory trace
Love is fifth dimension after time and space